Monday, 3 September 2012

Lipsy London Pre-Order

Assalamualaikum and hye guys. Sorry for not updating this blog for a very very long time. Imma quite busy with my college life :)  Assignments , projects and stuffs. Finally , i've got free time to share something with all of you.
Nowadays , i've been help my Mr.Right to sell some stuffs that we order  from online shopping.For example, tees, blouses, jeans, shoes, watches, perfumes and etc. Here's some stuffs that are still available. Original from United Kingdom (UK). We've set the prices but will consider for the best prices if being asked.  :)

Stripe Cardi ( size 10 UK )
                                                       RM 50.00

Wide Stripe Jumper ( size 10 UK)
                                                  RM 50.00

Tab Neck Waterfall (size 10 UK)
                                                   RM 45.00

Bow Detail Shell Top (size 10 UK)
                                                  RM 35.00

Pretty Girls Love To (size 10 UK)
                                                  RM 30.00

Tres Chic Knot Tee (size 10 UK)
                                                   RM 40.00

Love Glamour T-Shirt (size 10 UK)
                                                 RM 20.00

Cut Away Neck Bodyco (size 10 UK)
                                               RM 50.00

Chiffon Back Dippy (size 10 UK)
                                                   RM 50.00

Lipsy Night Tee (size S ) 
RM 40.00

Multi-Coloured Bead (size 10 UK)
                                                 RM 40.00

Beaded Sequin Top (size 10 UK)
                                                  RM 50.00

Salena Stud Wedge (size 6)
                                                       RM 120.00

Thread Chain Charm ( size OS )
                                                    RM 60.00

Leave your question at my shoutbox for any informations.
                              I will update the next stock very soon :) 

   * Maaf kalau English tunggang-langgang. Saya mengaku saya tak mahir T__T *

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